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You shouldn’t have to worry about whether the caterers on time, or if the photographers in the right place, and the cake, well you don’t want to dwell on the fact that your cake might not turn up.

Working towards the wedding that you want; looking for an intimate setting or maybe you want something a bit grand with glitz and glamour. We have the resources to make this come true, our team can work on every aspect of your event, tailoring the smallest details to your needs.

Working closely with you each step of the way to ensure everyone within the team is on the same page as you.

A wedding should be a time of love, joy and full of lasting memories as you both endeavour into a new journey together; sharing the special celebration with loved ones.

“With a low budget we thought the wedding would not look and be as great as it was, however she successfully managed to transform a simple hall into an amazing venue. My husband and I appreciate the little time she had to get everything in order and we are exceptionally grateful.”

Nicole ArmstrongBride

“Everything ran smoothly and everyone had an amazing time. Could not have done it without her, Riannah Anglin also recommended vendors for us to use. I highly recommend and will definitely be using her for other events in the future.”

Ameera KhodabukusBride

A Wedding Venue for You

Finding the perfect venue can be a difficult task. Having the perfect venue is even more stressful to find. When picking a venue there is a few things to consider;
The amount of guests you're able to invite, the location of your wedding and the theme and decor, too.

These are the aspects we take into consideration when finding the venue for you.
Whether you want something chic and intimate in the country side or a large lavish hall which can be transferred into a large celebration for your friends and family members to remember. We have a wide range of venues to suit your needs.

Wedding Design & Style

From flowers to lights, the finest detail to the staging and production of your wedding. What are your expectations?

We will help you design and bring to life your floral expectations for your celebration. Working with local luxury florists and a number of suppliers to aid in your day, anything you want we can deliver on, if it’s a floral wall, a bespoke design, or a display on the main table, we have a range of suppliers to do just that. Roses, Carnations and Orchids are typically bought for weddings, but if you want something different then we are more than happy to create a bespoke experience for you on your special day.

This is of course your day, so what you say, goes.

The Perfect Destination

Thinking of having an intimate beach wedding in Mauritius, overlooking the views of a vineyard in Bordeux, or a marquee in a field.

We will handle all of the details and logistics of your wedding, as well as organise guest transfers, translators and accommodation. We will also contact the local authority to ensure the legalisation of your marriage in your dream location and be efficient with all paperwork. Whether you want your wedding to take place in a neighbouring county or across the globe, we will take the stress out of organising your special day.

We know that the perfect destination + the perfect venue = a dream come true for you and your groom, with the addition of the finer details we will make sure that the wedding you want is the wedding you get.

Cultural Weddings

We work to plan and execute your wedding to perfection whether you're looking for a Greek or Jewish celebration or an Asian or Arabic affair; with a variety of suppliers and knowledge of the importance of culture, we will work closely with you in order to achieve your vision.

Bringing you all styles; traditional, contemporary and even a fusion of the two, we can orchestrate a beautiful ceremony for you.

We will make sure that your religious or cultural preferences are aligned in the plans for your special day. This is your day, here at Riannah Anglin we place your preferences as a priority. Rest assured we have this covered.

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